1. Fountain of life


  2. Anonymous asked: Hi Samuel, this looks good! But I'm curious to know how you interpreted the Design Language in the MDK as it states "Modules are NOT allowed to exceed the standard envelope in the X direction." 45 mm (Mini), 67.02 mm (Medium), 21.82 mm (1x1,1x2), 44.82 mm (1x2, 2x2) - have you found a way around this, or is it just wishful thinking? Andy

    mostly it’s just wistful thinking.

  3. Tower above the slums

  4. Kids playing in ruins

  5. yes. it’s official. I’m the most popularist person on the entire whole internets.

    thanks for the follows everyone!

  6. Now that school is winding down, I have more time for art stuff- yay! Here I’m experimenting with 2D over a 3D base, which turns out to be a lot of fun. In case you were wondering, this is also how I did the Flippypad design.

  7. Loch Ness monster

  8. Mesa outpost

  9. Riverside market

  10. Flippypad for Project Ara

    Have you heard about Project Ara? Basically, it’s a phone with hot swappable components that’s being developed right now by Google. The Verge has a pretty good article about it if you want to know more. What’s interesting about this project is that besides the cpu, camera, and battery, manufacturers can create any number of weird specialty components that can be fitted into the device.

    And so, I give you Flippypad! A hinged controller that turns the phone into a neat little clamshell gaming device. It has an L and R button, a D’Pad, two flat joysticks (similar to the one found on the 3DS) and the familiar ABXY diamond. It’s probably large enough to house a good amount of extra battery too.

    If you want to see something like this get made, please share it with folks! If I can get the word out, maybe it’ll find it’s way to the right people, and I can start developing it for real.